Monday, February 1, 2010

The Suzuki SX4 returns...$7200 later...

After about a month of downtime, she's back, and not looking too shabby. I think I'll be taking it back for a bit of fine tuning. They stole my floor-mats etc, but nothing to get mad about :) Here's the before shot:
And here's some "after" shots:

This is my first encounter into the strange world of automobile insurance, and like many, I'm guilty of not reading the fine print. For example, it took about a month to get the car assessed, get all the parts in, and finish all of the work.Even then, the grille didn't arrive, but they stole/borrowed one from a new car on the lot. My policy only allowed for a maximum car rental of $900, and at the "special" rate of $36.95 a day, that foolishness lasted about 21 days. That meant that I had to cough up for another 10 days or so. It's problematic of course, in that predicting the amount of time required is a bit of a crap shoot. Do you rent by the day, by the week ? All in all, it's better to not have an accident...duh !

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