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Work Holiday

I'm grateful for a fine position/job, so there's often a thin line between work and holiday. Last week, I escaped Halifax for the other coast, and collided with some great winter weather, all the while avoiding two separate snow storms that smashed into Nova Scotia. The first one on the Monday dumped 70+ centimeters of snow, while the second one, two days later, added an additional 20. From the hotel deck, it didn't really affect nose notwithstanding.

I had three days of meetings, and as usual, dining out is all part of the experience, and getting to enjoy some of my favorites...

gotta have "Huevos". Underneath these 2 delightful eggs, there's a hidden assortment of black beans, cheese, and tortilla shells.

Then of course there's the Lamb. Every time I find myself out there, I MUST have a nice Greek Lamb wrap thingy...m-m-m-m-m...

Enough about the food. Here's a shot from the Pier looking back at the hotel...not bad for February in Canada !!