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Stoving 4

First off, a slight correction; I said that the JetBoil was only good for boiling water. That's not quite true, as it comes with an accessory pot-holder of sorts that allows you to use it with virtually any pot, frying pan, kettle etc:

As alluded to, with the proper adapter, the Zip can be perched on top of a cheap aerosol-type butane canister:

It's not a perfect solution though. Apart from being quite tippy and top-heavy, I've found it to be inefficient as well, especially as you're trying to consume the last third or so of the contents of the canister. The pressure drops considerably and the usual 2-minute boil can take twice as long. The canister in the photo above was nearing the end, and it took a full 5 minutes to get a rolling boil, and that's indoors with no wind. I suspect however, that a full canister will perform better, but this does give a vote of confidence for the authentic JetBoil canisters. ( I should mention that I have the "Zip", the ch…

Stoving 3

When it comes to those canister stoves, I became a bit of a convert once I discovered that there were plenty of hoses, adapters etc that would allow them to use the butane that you can get from Home Hardware in a pack of 4 for $9.99. That's about $10 for 32oz of butane. In contrast, the tiny 3.5oz canisters are around $6 a piece
The problem is that the connectors are different and you must use some kind of adapter. Additionally, the cheaper canister perches the stove on top of a tall skinny and often unstable base. Here's a look at a common adapter gizmo:
If mounting the stove like this is not for you, there's also this type that connects at right angles: Also, if you scour Ebay, you'll find other options that include braided hoses and the like, as in the following picture:
All of this will allow you to have a nice canister stove, save the expensive canisters for the hard-core use, and use the cheap butane when you have the room. The cheap ones don't perform as goo…

Stoving 2

...I left off talking about alcohol stoves, and in particular, knock-offs of the old brass Trangia burner. These burners need to be married to some sort of pot stand or holder.While it's easy to fabricate something (3 nails inserted into the burner in tripod-fashion work ok), I have a nice set from Esbit that comes with the entire burner assembly, a pot stand, and 2 pots. It's a versatile little setup:
As you can deduce from the picture above, this set also comes with a little stand to allow it to burn solid fuel tablets. This is another source of fuel that deserves mention. Anyone who had a steam engine as a kid might remember these. They are white tablets, round or rectangular, and made of HEXAMINE. Each one burns for a few minutes, but the heat is not easily regulated and they are pretty susceptible to wind. Good for emergency or backup use in case your real stove packs it in. The infamous Coghlans folk sell a folding metal stove that comes with the round tablets. Replaceme…

Stoving ?

Is there such a verb as "Stoving"? I'm not sure, but a quick mental inventory revealed that I now have over 20 camp stoves. Some burn white gas, some car gas, kerosene, propane, butane, butane-propane mix, and even alcohol to round out the mix. I call it an interesting hobby, though some might prefer "sickness". I'm ok whatever the judgment.
My tiniest is an alcohol burner called the Gram Weenie Pro. It's very similar to the homemade YouTube pop can varieties, but a little more refined. It weighs in at less than one ounce, burns for about 11 minutes on one oz of fuel, and easily boils 2 cups of water within those specs. Here it is in action:

At the other end of the size scale, is my Coleman 3 burner classic from 1962. See more on that one by going to this Blog Post.

When I was a teenager, I plunked $20 from my summer job down on a one burner Coleman 505B. I've had it for over 30 years, and it has never failed to light. See the following picture (yes…

Winter Solitude

...received the following snap from my brother. An obvious slight towards the fact that he's retired and relaxed, and I aint. Revenge is a dish best served cold....Levity aside, it is a nice shot  :) In his defense, he did send it to several other folk, so maybe I'm just bitter...hee...hee...