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Cell Phone Sanity

I love technology, but the present Cell Phone regime in this country is a little disturbing with its seemingly mercenary approach to milking us all dry. My work phone comes packaged with several annoyances. Firstly, it's a Blackberry (need I say more?). Secondly, it's on the Rogers network (need I say more?). Thirdly, it's paid for by you the taxpayer, so overly personal use comes with associated tinges of guilt. Finally, it's dying a slow death and the bureaucratic hoops associated with getting a new one are too much for even me to hurdle. My chosen if not clandestine solution had to meet the following requirements:
Unlocked, i.e. not tied to any particular Service-Monger.Android, just because.2 SIM card slots.Not too expensive.
 I found a solution on Amazon and took the gamble, $139 or so for a BLU Dash 4.5
It arrived in a few days and I sneakily inserted the SIM card from my Blackberry...and it worked ! Well, not 100% but I could live with it. Then I trundled off to…