Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Acute Bronchitis

A few years ago I was told I had acute bronchitis (as opposed to a cute face). Back in 2001 I was stricken with a bad bout of it that required 2 different varieties of perscription inhalers in order to overcome it. One was a steroid, and the other a ventilator/dilator. It was scary stuff, since once you can no longer breath, your life options are somewhat limited. During that time, I coughed so much that I began to get chest pains. In my family, chest pains often meant subsequent heart attack and end of life. Therefore they put me on a treadmill and hooked me up like a lab rat. Alas it was not my heart. Around that time, I was heading to the Antarctic for a couple of months...great.
Anyway, now it seems that every second or third cold is accompanied by this evil bronchitis. It hit me on Friday and I pretty much spent Saturday, Sunday, and Monday in bed. Now it's Tuesday morning, and it seems (knock on wood) that I'm over the worst of it. I'm amazed at how much it "flattened" me. I guess I'm getting older...

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