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Blogless January

Wow ! I can't believe January is almost gone, and I've had nothing to say...a bit strange for a ratchet-jaw like me. It's been a busy month, with just a couple of minor snowfalls, and not overly cold. The gadget and "stuff" hound in me did pick up a few post-Christmas bargains earlier in the month. First off, I grabbed a refurbished laptop from Future Shop to replace Debbie's aging first generation Netbook. She's clearly outgrown the 9" screen and meager 8 gigs of storage space. She managed to get 2 years out of it, but now it's mine to toy with. The new one is working out well so far; less than $300 for a 15.6" with 4 gigs of ram, a 500 gig hard disk, i3 chip, Windows 7 home Premium, and all of the other usual junk.The separate numeric keypad is a nice touch...
Not to be outdone, I picked up a few bargains, starting with a nice wool sports-coat from my favorite American vendor, Duluth Trading Post. The jacket has 12 pockets, yes 12 !!

Call …