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Around these parts, if you wanna take in any outdoor winter activity, my old High School motto (Carpe Diem) is a must. Our coastal locale often means we're on the line between rain and snow, usually getting either or both with any storm. The sun is out so let's go snowshoeing...  Thankfully, the evenings are getting a bit longer such that we can squeeze an hour or so in after work or school. James attempts his best "rugged" pose I'm hoping for more snow and a bit more freeze-up too please. It would be nice to get a full day in, or even an overnight winter camp-out. We'll see how this works out. Stay tuned... These "modern" snowshoes are far superior to the old wooden and rawhide contraptions of years past. They don't get wet and heavy, and the harnesses are simpler than the old leather varieties. Costco often has a good deal. I bought a second pair this past Christmas, with poles and a carry bag...