Saturday, December 28, 2019

2019 is almost gone...

Generally, my number of blog posts has been decreasing yearly. If not for this post, 2019 would have none. A sign of the times I suppose. The various social media platforms have proven to be more effective and more fun than a traditional old Blog. Many folk use these to direct people to their blog, but I haven't bothered. Nevertheless, an update here might be in order:

I did indeed retire as planned last summer. So far that has had mixed results. The first 4 months were a true bliss. It was summer so with the usual camping, travel, etc it was simply like an extended holiday. As winter approached though, things became a little challenging. After 30 years of routine, it hits home that it's over. Emotions run the entire gamut, and adjustments have to be made. Somehow, the new-found freedom must be combined with a measure of routine and even discipline, or else the risk of melancholy is real...working through that now, thankfully with more wins than losses.

Travel Team  :)
Into the fall and winter, the sheer volume of the outstanding chores was and still is overwhelming. I no longer had the "I have to go to work" scapegoat to fall back on, so it was time to produce. This has been a considerable failing but recovery and success await (he said positively). Before I knew it, Christmas was here, and along with it, it's close companion winter. It seems we've survived Christmas, and have the deck stacked in our favor for winter generally. Tools are in place for the major challenges; cold and snow among the largest.
Let's see how it goes...

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