Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monthly ?

I have either completely lost interest in this "blog", or I just can't find the time anymore. I'm down to once a month now, and if it wasn't a leap year, I'd have missed that too. My most recent excuse is that Debbie's gone to the Congo for a 2 week trip, and I'm saddled with some extra "duties". Taking care of a household is a formidable undertaking. So much that I find myself breaking out into a poor rendition of Trooper's "Baby Woncha Please Come Home?".

Again, I digress...A side-trip to Canadian Tire today, where I had been eyeing a lone Brunton Talon stove. I knew it was discontinued and hoped nobody would fall for the $50 price my wish in that it was marked down to $19.95, mine! It weighs less than 4 oz and it's now in my err "collection" :)
I've now lost count of how many stoves I have. Perhaps I need help. This stove will fit nicely onto my remote stand, putting some distance between the fuel tank and a hot pot...
The above stand is also discontinued. Brunton seems to be teamed up with Primus these days...go figure.

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