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The Vanagon Struggle

I purchased my Vanagon GL Camper (Westfalia) in April of 2002, so I'm now into year 11. It's a 1986, so it was 16 years old when I got it, now it's 26 years old. Even though it's not in bad shape, things like plastic and rubber parts are deteriorating, and the body's seen better days. Even city driving is a gamble, as you don't know when the next break-down will happen. You can do $1000 worth of engine work, only to have it jeopardized by the failure of a $10 hose. Case in point, I was heading across the bridge recently and noticed what seemed to be white smoke coming from the engine compartment . I pulled over and discovered that a short 6" coolant hose had sprung a leak. Coolant was squirting out and hitting the exhaust pipe. I managed to carry out a temporary repair using electrical tape, duct tape, and tie wraps.
The repair held up and got me home, but I would not want to deal with such a thing in heavy traffic. I replaced the patch with a more elegant…

I'm Fifty !!

Yes sir, I reached the ripe age of 50 last week, and I'm the baby of the family. Wonder how the other fossils are feeling ?
Not one, but two Birthday cakes... ...and of course, a ToolBox for good measure