Friday, September 18, 2020

Atlantic Bubble, a 2020 vacation after all.

 With all of the provincial border lockdowns, I didn't think a trip to Newfoundland was going to happen. The Atlantic Bubble however, made travel from NS to NL a simple undertaking. Yippee, another Syncro journey.

Actually, to make things more flexible, we traveled in 2 vehicles. That way, separate agendas could be realized...ha !! We did meet up enroute for roadside coffees etc.

We spent about 3 weeks visiting, camping, and even drove to St. John's for a detour, something we don't often do.

All in all it was a nice trip, lots of family visits, too much food, the usual you know. :)

Happily, we had no problems with vehicles, reservations, weather, delays, etc. all in all a great time !

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