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Receiver Hitch Table

Nothing says "redneck" like 2" receiver hitch accessories. I just dug this out of my "stores", after forgetting I even had it... Yes it's a small table that slides into a 2" hitch receiver...  Bonus, the arm is long enough that I can even open and close the rear hatch with it in place. This should make for a nice picnic accessory. At the original $79.99 list price it would have been lunacy, but good things come to those who are patient... I thought that the nice "curved" hunk of 2x2 steel might be good for something else too, a bed extender for example, for carrying long items etc  :)

More Power !!

Many of the solar solutions offered these days are frankly not very powerful. from the radios and flashlights with built in solar chargers, to AA solar battery chargers to those little 1.8W Battery "Maintainers", They all really don't amount to much. After toying with many of these, and even after using 40 watt panels, I admitted to myself that bigger is better, and more wattage is required if you want to even think about coining the phrase, solar "Generator". Well, as usual, a recent Canadian Tire sale was the catalyst yet again... Now I realize that in spite of the hoopla, there are still cheaper options. However, the convenience of not having to wrestle with shipping etc made this a good choice. It did not come bundled with a charge controller. I have a couple, but I decided to try a cheap Ebay one to see how it performs... ...seems to be working ok. I'm going to try and secure it to the top of the van's luggage rack. It "almost" fits, so I…