Sunday, January 1, 2006

Happy 2006

What kind of blog neglects to display the requisite Happy New Year posting? not mine.  Like many, I look back on 2005 and cannot utter complaints, but thankfulness for the provisions and blessings afforded to me and mine. Our usual January 1st ritual is a BBQ, and today was no exception. The two turkeys in a week (three if you include moi) is a bit "stuffing", so we cut it back to one a few years ago. The whole Christmas season was quiet and relaxing this year, largely because we were not traveling, but I digress, back to the BBQ. Nothing fancy: hamburgers, hot dogs, honkin' sausages, and some friends to chow down with. As an aside, if you like spicy, check out Presidents Choice Memories of Kashmir Tandori BBQ it ever goooooood!! available at Superstore, or likely Dominion for you dwellers of Canada's youngest province.

Atlantic Bubble, a 2020 vacation after all.

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