Saturday, December 30, 2006

I lied

In an earlier post, I said that this site was running on "no computer". That is technically incorrect, for the NSLU2 although hailed as a network storage link, is a computer as well. Just Google "nslu2", and you'll see what I mean. This device is kind of small, with basically the guts of a Pocket PC...

Future Shop ?

Rats! It seems my NSLU2 is an older version that only runs at half speed (133 vs 266). How could Future Shop have this old relic hanging around so long? Waiting for some sucker like me no doubt. Now I have to decide either to return it, or do the mod myself. It's supposed to be real easy...just snip one little resistor from the board, but knowing my electronic prowess, by the time I'm finished I'll be able to listen to VOCM on the blasted thing.

Give me Space

OK the Future Shop 250-gig $99 special was too much for me. Imagine, external, USB 2.0...Out of the box, it came formatted fat32....yuck!! That only took a few minutes to fix...can you say EXT3? The fact that this is connected to the NSLU2 means that any machine on the network can access it...

Friday, December 29, 2006

I can see you, can you see Me ?

...seems I was overzealous about this thing. I can't seem to get at this site from outside my LAN. I'm not sure if it's a router issue with port forwarding etc. Let me know if you can see this :)
UPDATE: Yes it was a Router issue. My D-Link 524 is picky about forwarding, public vs. private etc. Fixed now, I hope...

Thursday, December 28, 2006


...people are really going nuts with this gizmo. The Linux stuff that can be crammed into it is amazing...this should keep me up late for the rest of the winter...ha!!
It has a network card, two USB ports, 32 megs of RAM to hold the firmware, Linux kernel etc, an Intel Xscale/ARM processor running at 133mhz. For a more full-blown Linux install, you can use an external drive or even a flash memory stick. Right now, I'm using an Iomega 250gig drive and a 1 gig memory stick. Oh yeah, it also has a serial port, but in order to access it, you must solder a 9-pin connector to it...there goes the warranty :)

NAS is the Ticket...

This Christmas, I finally splurged and entered the world of NAS. Click on the link if you're interested. This technology is incredible, especially when coupled with the Linksys NSLU2. Even more so when you are willing to hack/enhance the Linux setup in this device. Thanks to the good old 'net, I was able to get this all working in 2 lousy evenings :)
So now, this blog that you are reading is being served up from my NSLU2, with no computer!! That boggles my mind :)

Linky is Alive !!!

Well hello there. This is my first post to my new "site", powered by the Linksys NSLU2 Network Storage link. Imagine, a web site with no real computer !! Amazing !!
...more to come...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Rolling Stones

Admittedly I'm not a Stones  fan, but it seems the rainy concert in Halifax last night went quite well. Click HERE for a pretty good account by Peter Steeper...what a massive undertaking!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Acute Bronchitis

A few years ago I was told I had acute bronchitis (as opposed to a cute face). Back in 2001 I was stricken with a bad bout of it that required 2 different varieties of perscription inhalers in order to overcome it. One was a steroid, and the other a ventilator/dilator. It was scary stuff, since once you can no longer breath, your life options are somewhat limited. During that time, I coughed so much that I began to get chest pains. In my family, chest pains often meant subsequent heart attack and end of life. Therefore they put me on a treadmill and hooked me up like a lab rat. Alas it was not my heart. Around that time, I was heading to the Antarctic for a couple of months...great.
Anyway, now it seems that every second or third cold is accompanied by this evil bronchitis. It hit me on Friday and I pretty much spent Saturday, Sunday, and Monday in bed. Now it's Tuesday morning, and it seems (knock on wood) that I'm over the worst of it. I'm amazed at how much it "flattened" me. I guess I'm getting older...

Sunday, January 1, 2006

Happy 2006

What kind of blog neglects to display the requisite Happy New Year posting? not mine.  Like many, I look back on 2005 and cannot utter complaints, but thankfulness for the provisions and blessings afforded to me and mine. Our usual January 1st ritual is a BBQ, and today was no exception. The two turkeys in a week (three if you include moi) is a bit "stuffing", so we cut it back to one a few years ago. The whole Christmas season was quiet and relaxing this year, largely because we were not traveling, but I digress, back to the BBQ. Nothing fancy: hamburgers, hot dogs, honkin' sausages, and some friends to chow down with. As an aside, if you like spicy, check out Presidents Choice Memories of Kashmir Tandori BBQ it ever goooooood!! available at Superstore, or likely Dominion for you dwellers of Canada's youngest province.


 This beauty has been roaming around Central Newfoundland lately. I just grabbed some photos of it for fun...

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