Thursday, March 2, 2017

Snowshoes 2017

With over 80 cms of snow down, we just had to get outside. Most of it had vanished, and with a threat of heavy rain and +10c temperatures, it was now or never.

Debbie's in the lead
We have our usual spot close to the house so not much effort is required. The fresh air and the sun are very therapeutic this time of year.

Shine down on us !!
Since it's now March, time was of the essence. This was just a short outing, but hopefully it's not this season's last.

Snowshoe Model :)
and then there's me :)
I'm glad we got out there as I would not want to see spring arrive with no winter "stuff" under our belt. Living in these parts, you have to figure out how to embrace it all...til next time...


 This beauty has been roaming around Central Newfoundland lately. I just grabbed some photos of it for fun...

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