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Decluttering, Week 11

This is getting more difficult, but I must press on, even if it's only a few more small things. (in case you've just joined in, I've chimed in on a 10 Things Challenge, in an effort to reduce the junk)...

Electric Razor (thought I'd fix it), garbageElectric Razor #2, ditto, garbageSuitcase/Duffle Bag (didn't survive last overseas trip), garbageNikon Nuvis S2000, APS Camera, discard pile1 million Candle Power Light, broken, garbageOld AT Computer Keyboard, garbageCheap Telephone, garbageAnother stack of old magazines, curb recycleTeach Yourself QBasic in 21 Days, curb recycleUsing Novell Dos 7, curb recycleI guess this is all pretty meaningless from a "blogging" perspective, in that it's not of much value to anyone reading, but this silly facade of accountability seems to be working for me.

Decluttering, Week 10

For this week, (and maybe next) I'm largely concentrating on my home office, a space so smothered with junk that my wife with NetBook in hand, has long since abandoned the place in favor of the kitchen...  

Adaptec PCMCIA SCSI cable (card unknown), garbageIpod Touch "case", didn't fit, garbageXircom Rex, microPDA, manuals etc, garbagePagePLus Desktop Publishing Software, 1993, garbageMicrosoft Money v2, (on 3.5 and 5.25 disks), garbageQuicken 2002 (umopened), garbageQuicken XG (unopened), garbageKeyCad Deluxe Software (CD, Manual), garbage2 - 110v LED NiteLites (didn't last), garbagePolaroid One-Step Camera (where did that come from), garbagenot much, but it all adds up...

Where does the time go?

Just a word to those with small kids; not that this is earth shattering news, but be sure and enjoy them, for they grow up of the oldest cliches in the book, but true nonetheless...I'm still enjoying them, but now they're big and scary :)


Debbie sneaked out of town for the night, so me and the boys took advantage and went to see the new Scrooge movie with Jim Carrey. They did a great job is this remake. Imax 3D made it even better. Of course I'm biased and a bit of a Scrooge nut. So far I've seen the following versions starring:

Sir Seymour Hicks, 1935
Reginald Owen, 1938
Alastair Sim, 1951
Albert Finney, 1970
Rich Little, 1978
Henry Winkler, 1979
Mickey's Christmas Carol, 1983
George C Scott, 1984
Muppet Christmas Carol, 1992
Jack Palance, 1997
All Dogs Christmas Carol, 1998
Patrick Stewart, 1999

Decluttering, Week 9

Wow! another week has rocketed into eternity, and I had trouble keeping up. Due to the amount of "useful" stuff I keep finding, I'm going to start a "discard/free" category...kind of a pause before the garbage just in case someone wants it. Speak up if you see anything...

Media Vision Jazz SCSI sound card, garbageCurling/flat iron, garbageRoasting pan, garbage(another) VCR Remote Control, garbageMegahertz PCMCIA 14.4 modem, garbage2x Xircom PCMCIA Ethernet adapters (coax), garbage2x Xircom dongles, (for above), garbageSpeedstream DSL modem, discard/free pileMegahertz Xjack Ethernet PCMCIA card, discard/free pileCanon IS-22 Scanner head, discard/free pile