Friday, January 29, 2010

Coleman Stove Gadget Wish...

In my arsenal of gear, I have several of those two-burner white gas (naphtha) Coleman stoves. I'm sentimentally fond of the older style with the round brass tank (first picture). The ones with the cheapish red crimped tank are ok (second picture) but the tanks can leak at the crimp.
Most reasonable people have "upgraded" to a propane version, but to me, they don't cut it. However, I recently discovered a neat piece of gear that seems to be calling me. I saw it at Canadian Tire. It's basically a rod that slides into the burner in place of the Coleman tank. Then you connect either a disposable propane tank to it, or better yet, a hose from a larger refillable propane tank It looks like this:
It's a bit pricey at $30 or so, but I see one in my future  :)
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