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Decluttering, Week 4

Time is flying and we're up to week 4 already. Here are some items to get rid of this time around:

  1. Old Dell Docking Station, gave to a friend
  2. Old GE Answering Machine, recycle/garbage
  3. box of 35mm film cassettes, can't believe I still have these  :)
  4. Old Pentium mmx Desktop, recycle pile
  5. 3 more bags of old computer magazines, curb recycle
  6. OS/2 Certification Handbook, curb recycle
  7. Canadian "Internet" Handbook, 1994 Edition, curb recycle
  8. Giant DOS 5 PowerTools Book, curb recycle
  9. MS Works for Windows by example Book, curb recycle
  10. Mastering Wordstar 4, curb recycle
  11. Lotus 1-2-3 release 2.4 Que Quickstart, curb recycle
I cheated a little by listing individual books but hey, it's still progress.
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