Wednesday, June 2, 2010


A friend once referred to me as "TarpMaster", given my tendency to rig up various and sundry plastic tarps when camping. Well, my VW pop-up roof has a canvas "tent", and while it's pretty water resistant, it's not perfect, especially in a windy rain. In a moment of California Dreaming, I got my hands on a custom nylon rainfly from GoWesty. (they were on sale). Installation was a snap (pun intended) with the drilling of 5 1/8" holes and the installation of snaps or hasps, depending on your lingo. 4 more snaps were required going along the sides just under the fiberglass roof. Finally, there are also 3 gutter clamps along each side. It will help keep the canvas dryer in wet weather. It wraps around the entire canvas, and as a bonus, covers the luggage rack area. It's hard to see in the following photos, but the original canvas is actually vertical on the front side, whereas this gizmo slopes right out to the front of the van. See in the first photo, it's not there. Now the luggage rack is kind of "inside" and can be accessed via the large zippered window in the front of the tent area. It takes a little fiddling to adjust things; there's a strap that goes through both front doors, and a velcro and strap closure at the very back...all in all another great addition to the VW arsenal. PS I notice they are temporarily "sold out"...always a good sign.

Trailer Trash

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