Saturday, June 5, 2010

Six Seater Blues

We often have the need to carry extra people, especially when using the VW in "non-camping" mode. Our car only has 5 seat-belts, and for 10 years we were accustomed to having 7 with our old Dodge Caravan. The Volkswagen is worse of course, since it only has 4. Mechanic Jeff to the rescue; he gave me an old two-person bench he had kicking around. Under the carpet there are seat tracks already in place, so installation and removal is quite easy. See pictures below...not pretty, a hideous color mismatch actually, but quite functional. It is tight squeezing into the back seat, but now we can take two extra "volks" when necessary. Notice I removed the fridge door, as you can't open it with old blue in there...

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