Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More VW Seating...

VW Campers are somewhat rare on the rusty Atlantic coast. Even more elusive is the $800 dealer-supplied 5th seat option. It's a single bucket seat mounted on a metal box, with locking storage underneath. A little over two years ago, I saw one for sale on Kijiji and since it matched my interior and was in perfect shape, I snatched it up. The guy wanted $100 for it, and he threw in a new front bumper along with some more bits and pieces. A little later, another one appeared, and I contacted the seller, but did not bother getting it. Fast forward 2 years to this week. Given my dissatisfaction with the blue behemoth, I dug out the old email, and contacted him again, just in case. To my delight, he still had it, and this one was brand new, and never used. So yes, I now have two. I may remove the seat portions and swap them with the aging 300,000km front seats that I have. Here's what I'm talking about:
By removing the armrests from one of them, I can shoe-horn them both into the van. These seats came with no headrest, but I scrounged up the "holes" and a headrest and added one to the first seat. Both slide in and out quite easily, and have a lap belt. The fun never ends :)

Trailer Trash

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