Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Decluttering, Week 13

A little late again, but I'm still at it. From a "confession" viewpoint, I'm not really seeing much difference. That statement should provide some insight into just how much stuff I have amassed over the years. I have alot of books and magazines and I hate throwing them out. I'm sick really though aint I ? Take number 9 below for example. The Datsun 210 was Debbie's, and we got rid of it in 1988 or so. What was I keeping it for an extra 20 years "just in case" ???
  1. Bag of magazines, curb recycle
  2. Incandescent Outdoor Christmas Lights, garbage
  3. Outdoor Light gutter clips, garbage
  4. La Crosse Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer, junk, garbage
  5. Desk Lamp, busted, garbage
  6. Old motion detector/alarm, garbage
  7. Another old Pentium 3 Tower, recycle
  8. Quicken 6 for DOS, garbage
  9. Haynes Datsun 210 Shop Manual, recycle
  10. Programming in Basic Plus, recycle

Trailer Trash

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