Monday, December 21, 2009

The Console Repair Guy

UPDATE: Since I wrote this 3 years ago, I've heard nothing but negative reports about this guy. Additionally, when my repair failed, repeated attempts to contact him were not successful. I don't want to badmouth anyone. I had one short-lived good experience but the repair did not last...

If you need a game console fixed, may I wholeheartedly recommend:
Background: Joel's "out of warranty" 80gig PS3 packed it in, and Sony wanted just shy of $200 to fix it. A difficult decision since the new "slim" 120gig version's price had just dropped to $299. I opted to get him the new machine. While looking on Kijiji, I found an ad from The Console Repair Guy. I sent him an email outlining the problem, and he concluded a new laser unit was needed, and that he would charge me $95. Short story longer, for that $95, he came to my house and picked up the PS3, and also delivered it back to the front door, repaired; all for about half of what Sony Canada wanted.
Outcome: Both Joel and James now have a PS3, meaning they have to find something else to fight over (the snow shovel maybe?)...
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