Thursday, July 29, 2010

OtterBox Defender

Ok let's face it: Most cell phones and other small consumer devices are not built to last. Case in point: Blackberries. I have destroyed two so far, not by abuse, but by simply using them. My first, an 8830 World Edition seemed ok, but the usb/power port came unstuck from the main board. Unrepairable I was told. Next, I fell for that pretentious pile of crap known as the "Storm". It too packed it in shortly after the one year warranty. They wanted $180 of your tax dollars to fix it. Fool me twice. Instead, I opted for a cheap $0 Curve model. Of course I had to change my phone number in order to qualify for the $0 deal.
Anyway, in an effort to extend the life of this one, I totally splurged and bought the OtterBox Defender case. See photos and video below...time will tell...

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