Friday, July 9, 2010

The 12 Volt side of life

My list of 12 volt gizmos and appliances seemingly has no end; fridge, warmer oven, coffee pot, coffee cup, mini cup cooler/warmer, kettle. Then of course there's all the smaller things, like AA battery chargers, cell phone chargers, Ipod / USB chargers, and on it goes. I have more than one of those 2 and 3 outlet "adapters", but yesterday, I fell for an interesting one at Princess Auto. This one has a couple of nice qualities. First off, it has a power switch so you can turn it off when needed but still leave things plugged in to it. It also mounts with two screws. The distance between these screws matches a plate in my van that some previous owner installed to cover a hack job hole in the dash. This thing will be great for smaller draw items. I'm not diggin' the chrome though...
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