Wednesday, October 12, 2016

August Recap (4 of 4)

OK, enough holidaying, let's get to work. For starters, my brother-in-law Garry is pretty much a Jack of All Trades, and he wasted no time in spearheading various projects at our house. Like most 60+ year-old homes, there's a never-ending list of things to do; especially when combined with my overall laziness, procrastination, and general lack of enthusiasm...God help me, but I digress  :)

The first job we tackled was the back door. As the main entrance, it's very well used, and although the entry door was replaced, it was 20+ years ago, and it was not a good quality product. Additionally, it swings out, due to the tiny afterthought split-entry mods done when the house was elevated 4 feet some years back. Swing-out meant that there was no storm door, so it took a weather-beating over the years. Anyway, we managed to find a suitable replacement at a local TimbrMart, and he worked his magic accordingly...

Bam ! done like dinner...
Next, we moved to the front of the house. It needed both a new main door, and a outer storm door as well. Debbie requested "no window" in the main door and again TimbrMart was up for it. I wanted a "nice" storm door so we found a suitable one at Home Depot. At the checkout it rang in $60 cheaper than the sticker price...bonus !!

First, the inside main door...nice !!
Unlike the back, the old doorbox on this one was original, installed during house construction 60+ years ago...removing it was fun...

New Storm Door, with deadbolt and "hidden" screen
After all of this, we ("we" in these cases means Garry doing the work, and me helping/hindering) worked on the trim and molding both inside and out. Additionally, the inside trim on a patio door had to be finished.

Trim and 7 1/4" Ryobi Mitre Saw
Fortunately, I had previously purchased a small chop saw on sale at Princess Auto. It was perfect for this task. Most of the external trim that we bought was white vinyl...all in all everything turned out great. We also installed a new laundry tub & faucet, as well as a new downstairs bathroom sink & faucet.

Mixed in with all of this work was a couple of daytrips, one to the valley for the requisite searching for "stuff", and a final one to Mahone Bay...always a nice ride with nice eats etc.

Fishcakes hiding under eggs...

Ice Cream Stop...can you say "Privateers Bounty" ?

out to lunch

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