Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Skating 2016

Growing up, my Primary School was located across the street from the local ice-rink. This rink was a regulation sized "Stadium", a town fixture for seemingly forever. At least one afternoon a week, we all paraded over to the rink to go skating. I remember my Mother often miraculously appeared to help tighten my skates, likely handed down from an older sibling. Well I never made the NHL, skating became second nature to me, and remains a refreshing thrill to this day. Of course there were also plenty of outdoor pond skating opportunities as forward to Halifax and the 2011 Canada Games wherein a "temporary" outdoor skating oval was commissioned on the Halifax Commons. After the games, the powers that be wisely chose to make the "Oval" a permanent service. As usual, it took me several years to actually "get on board", but better late than never...

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quick video below of once around...