Monday, October 14, 2013

Thanksgiving and Stoving

This year, Thanksgiving afforded me an opportunity/excuse to try out an unused stove. Sometime last year I purchased a 2 burner campstove/oven combo unit. It sat idle until now. We had a bunch of people coming over for a Thanksgiving meal, about 15 or so. Saturday night I began to wonder if that lone turkey was going to be enough. We kind of have an unwritten rule in our home that nobody leaves hungry. Anyway, just to be certain, I ran out to pick up some backup protein. Alas, the stores didn't have much left late Saturday night. I resorted to grabbing two of those prefab Butterball stuffed frozen Turkey Breasts, concluding that the 6 pounds of extra white meat would set our minds at ease. Not my first choice but it would have to do...
They called for 4 and a half hours at 325F, so I thought this would be a good test, and it was nice and sunny out.
Since I had never used this oven, I knew I was taking some risk, but who cares right ? Adding to the recklessness, I decided to use a 1 lb disposable propane cylinder, the ones I despise.
The results while not perfect, were actually pretty good. It turned out that only one of the two were necessary, but leftover turkey is never a bad idea, salmonella notwithstanding :)

On the technical side, the oven is well insulated and very miserly on fuel. 4.5 hours and it consumed about 11oz of propane, or almost 3/4 of a one pound tank; that's not too bad.
All in all, it was a Happy Thanksgiving...

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