Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ammonia Absorption...again...

A while back, I mentioned a propane fridge/cooler that I snagged on Kijiji, for a fraction of its value. Well, I finally got around to rigging up a hose/regulator and testing its propane operation. The guy I bought it from said he never ever lit it, but only had it in a vehicle using the 12 volt capability. Armed with my trusty 5lb tank, and a $4 hose/regulator from Princess Auto's Surplus section, I fired it up this past weekend. Works like a charm, as I suspected. There were no instructions of course, but most of these units are very similar. Turn on the gas, and while holding in a thermistor bypass knob, strike a match to the ignition port, wait 30 seconds or so, release knob, and hope it stays lit. Newer ones have a piezoelectric ignition, but not this fossil :)
See tank and hose connection (arrow).

after an hour or so, inside temperature down to 0c
There you have it; additional refrigeration resources on a budget. Great for a power outage or camping in those provincial "powerless" parks...

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