Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring tasks...

Now that spring has begun, it's time to come out of hibernation and start getting ready for the year ahead. The wood stove has been going 24/7 since November 20th, with only short temporary outages in order to clean out the ashes, &/or run a brush up the chimney. In 5 months, I've burned less than 5 cords. That's not bad considering it was going day and night. The new stove is a perfect fit.
Anyway, now I must begin to accumulate some wood for next year. Here comes that first load now.
Interestingly, the price of firewood has not changed in the last 3 seasons or so. I find great comfort in supporting such an industry. Oil on the other hand, seems to be dominated by shall we say "opportunistic" types with oft-questionable morals and values. I despise all of the marketing, speculation, and uncertainty that accompanies the petroleum circus. I get more than my fill of that at the gas pumps :)

Trailer Trash

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