Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New $44 Backpack

I've been wanting a new backpack since last fall, but since it was not really a "need", I wisely procrastinated. However, The Sierra Trading Post won me over with an unbelievable deal; $44 for a 65 litre High Sierra Sentinel Pack. I read several detailed reviews (another one here) before buying it sight unseen, but I think it will fit the bill. I actually ordered two. Last night I filled one with my sleeping bag, tent, cookware, food etc, just to see if it can "swallow the load". It seems to have most of the popular features: separate sleeping bag compartment, hydration bladder ready, nice padded hip-belt, lots of compression straps, adjustable torso etc.  It's supposed retail price is $220 but STP's regular price was $99. At a $44 "steal" they are now of course sold out.
I Did have to pay $25 shipping, $10 duty (textiles), and GST. So the price was more like $60 each...still a good steal. Now all that's left is to get off my fat "rusty dusty" and actually use it :)


 This beauty has been roaming around Central Newfoundland lately. I just grabbed some photos of it for fun...

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