Sunday, May 9, 2010

Summer VeeDub Prep...

I have owned a VW camper for over 8 years now. It's still in pretty good shape, and not something I want to part with just yet. However, with almost 300,000 kms, the engine was complaining. I had already spent $$$ on the engine in the past and elected to replace it. Thanks to friends and good old Kijiji, I found a guy in Montreal that was converting his 4wd VW Syncro to a diesel, and selling a VW factory rebuild with only 45,000 kms. Short story longer, after some work and money, and a superb mechanic, my van has been Willied (on the road again). It's a 1986, but it spent its first 15 years or so in BC. The six year old paint-job needs some work, but I'm looking forward to its new lease on life. Peace out :)
Kitchen and Living Room :)
at The Ovens...
after White Juan
at Gros Morne Park
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