Monday, July 14, 2008

Trampoline 1, James 0

Well, my son James took the brunt of it this past weekend. A seemingly innocent romp on a trampoline cost him a concussion, broken teeth, a gashed open chin and a cracked jawbone for added measure. As a reward he gets to be fed with a tube for the next 2 weeks...NCA (No Chewing Allowed). I guess it's a little late for any "keep your knee away from your chin" advice. The four hours waiting in the emergency unit at the Truro hospital were not exactly uplifting, especially when retired hockey goon Bob Probert (in town for a celebrity golf event) blew in, and managed to jump the queue and get a "special" prescription...that's ok Bob we only got a broken jaw, we can wait. You're painkillers/prozac are much more I sound bitter? :)
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