Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Belated Happy New Year

We're beyond the first week of January already, WOW ! We all stayed put this Christmas season. Not too busy, but lots of food,fun, and celebration. Christmas morning was quiet but nice...
I think everyone was a little more tired than excited, the by-product of growing up I'm afraid...
 We all headed out to a homeless shelter to help serve Christmas Dinner to some friends in need. It's good to have the strength to help. We even made it back home in time to put our own feedbag on...
Alas, the boys and their friends had to sit at a separate table. They got over it though.
Switching to New Years, I remember a tradition from home where folk went to church on New Year's Eve to "ring in the new year". Thankfully, a bunch of "young adults" have handsomely resurrected this practice with a service called "Arise". Joel and James were in the thick of things, playing guitar, drums, singing etc. 
I'm glad to see that the new generation is picking up the ball where us "older" folks have so often failed. God help my generation and our collective complacency, Amen.
(above Photo by Ibimina Koko, and I stole it without his permission)