Friday, November 23, 2012

Handwarmers 3

This is my third post about these things...kind of an obsession I guess.
Yesterday, I received an envelope from Hong Kong, containing some of the new mini aluminum hand warmers. To express it mildly, I'm impressed. They come packaged like this:

 Inside is the warmer, a little faux fur bag, and a little cup for measuring out the proper amount of lighter fluid:
 These things are tiny:
 The construction is very similar to the Zippo and the other knock-offs, and bonus, the burner fits the bigger models too.
But here's the kicker: with less than an ounce of fuel, my first "test" burned for almost 15 hours. That's less than 25 cents worth of fluid for 15 hours of heat. The aluminum is too hot to the touch so it's necessary to keep it in the bag. Four of these can be acquired for the price of just one of the Zippo units. A better alternative than those hideous disposable things. The lighter fluid is readily available, $4.49 at Princess auto for 12oz:


 This beauty has been roaming around Central Newfoundland lately. I just grabbed some photos of it for fun...

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