Thursday, November 27, 2008

SolarPoweredLaserBeamGuitar !!!

...well, not quite, but after tiring of the ink jet cartridge refill struggles with their associated $100 price tag, we took a small gamble on an HP P1005 B/W Laser Printer. Staples was selling them for $59.82. They want $77 for a refill cartridge...

I'm impressed to say the least. It only has USB connectivity, but I should be able to shoehorn it onto my home network via the Linksys NSLU2 which has 2 USB ports. The printer is silent until called on, and it can spit out 15 pages per minute. See more info on this printer.
HP of course, are not entirely daft. The regular cartridge is good for about 1500 pages, but the printer comes with a "special introductory" version that they state will print 750 pages. If I was not a stupid consumer, I'd almost think that it was only half full :)

Trailer Trash

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